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In the beginning of things in ages past there were the Ancient Ones, masters of flesh, fire, and steel, who forged the elements of which the land was made. When men and beasts came into the world the Ancient Ones purposed to have dominion over them, hence they commanded that the Dark Elves create the Swords of the Ancients. They were forged of secret alloys and each sword was bequeathed its own special power. The swords have been used throughout the ages in the eternal struggle between good and evil.
Designed by fantasy artist Kit Rae, these high quality adult collectible swords feature intricately detailed solid metal handle parts and tempered, 420 stainless steel blades (unsharpened). Both include a full-color art print Vaelen and Naegolus and a new chapter in The Tale of the Swords of the Ancients, (visit our website at for the full tale). Each piece is branded with the designer's trademark and the first 1000 pieces of each sold will include an autographed art print.


Blade Thickness: 3/16"
Blade Material: 420 J2 stainless steel, cast metal blade ornament, false-edged.
Handle Material: Intricately detailed cast metal handle parts, antique iron finish, tapered tang construction. Remailer box.

KR0012 Cinthorc - Sword of Justice
©2003 Patent Pending
Cinthorcª is the seventh sword and its power is to deal out just punishment to wrong doers. The thorny hilts are intertwined with silver vines and engraved upon the crossguard is an incantation of the Ancients. The grip is wire-wrapped and the pommel is forged as a flower surrounding a red thorcan jewel; a powerful talisman of the Anath.
Overall Length: 42-5/8"
Blade Length: 32"
Stainless steel twisted wire-wrapped handgrip.

List Price-$185.99 Our Price-$109.00