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Hibben Generation 2 Pro Thrower w/Sheath

Designed by Gil Hibben, who is a master knifemaker, an avid knife thrower, and author of the the Hibben Knife Throwing Guide (sold separately). These throwing knives are Gil's updated designs to his original Hibben Pro Throwers. They are constructed of one-piece, tempered stainless steel and feature a trigger griphandle design that guides the hand into the same consistent and accurate release each time they are thrown. Design patented.

Blade/Handle Material: One-piece 420 J2 stainless steel.
Sheath: Genuine leather

GH2006 Generation 2 - Pro Thrower w/Sheath
overall length: 8-1/4"
blade length: 3-3/4"
blade Thickness: 3/16"

List Price - $ 37.49  Our Price - $ 22.00