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Swords, Knives and Accessories by United Cutlery

Ridgid Throwers

Pendragon Sword

Steel Apocalypse Tralek

Blades Of Atlantis- Kraken

Volkoth Battle Axe

Volkoth Fighting Axe

Medium Wood & Glass Display Case

Large Wood & Glass Display Case

Extra Large Wood & Glass Display Case

8-Up Sword Stand

Special Agent Stinger Side Mount Combo

Special Agent Stinger Shoulder Harness Knife

Deluxe Round Table Dagger
Anitque Brass w/Display

Night Watchman

1-Up Table Display Stand

Deluxe Round Table Dagger
Anitque Silver w/Display

Gold Ceremonial Tachi

Ceremonial Tachi (black)

Elite Forces Tactical Knife

Full Tang Ninja Katanas

Mega Night Watchman

Sword of the Daywalker w/Display

Sword of the Daywalker Scabbard

Blade's Glaive w/Display

Knights Medieval Knife


Dragon Tooth

Universal Sword Plaques

Knife Roll

Full Tang Katanas

Samurai Katana w/Kogatana (red)

Samurai Katana w/Kogatana (black)

Black Ronin Katana

Braided Leather Katana

Sharp Master Knife

B.M.F. Night Watchman

Sharp Master Multi Purpose Erasers

Horus-Egyptian Falcon Knife

Poseidons Blade

Black Ronin Tanto w/Drop Point Blade

Black Ronin Double Bladed Sword

Black Ronin Tanto

Skull Knife (black)

Skull Knife (red)

Pin Up Girl Collection


Dragon Flame

Lightning Bolt Shoulder Harness Triple Set

Elite Forces Recon (silver)

Paratrooper 2

T-Handle Knife Combo

Samurai 3000 Tanto

Samurai 3000 Katana

Samurai 3000 Ninja

Under Cover Knife

Black Ronin Double Bladed Thrower

Elit Forces Recon (black)

Pendragon Knife

Ceremonial Tachi (black)

Throwing Knife Triple Set

Metal Glo Professional Polishing Paste

Samurai Sword (antique copper or silver)

Ninja Sword (antique brass or silver)

Blazing Arrow Thrower

Blazing Arrow 2

Mini Blazing Arrow

Bushmaster Survival Knife


Little Bowie Survival Knife


Quick Draw Boot Knife

Rambo 3 Bowie

Currently Unavailable

Scorpion 2

The Pheonix

Currently Unavailable

Wasp Knife

Currently Unavailable

Eagle Talon

Currently Unavailable

Silver Arrow Large Triple Set

3 Sword Table Display Stand

Silver Arrow Small Triple Set

1875 U.S. Marine Sword w/Marin Etch

1875 U.S. Marine Sword w/Plain Blade

Special Agent Stinger

Special Agent Stinger 2

Survival Kit Knife

Shark Hunter Professional Diving Knives

Lightning Bolt

1 Sword Table Display Stand Stand

2 Sword Wall Display Stand

Floor Display Stand

2 Sword Table Display Stand

Round Table Knife

Shovel/Double Pick

Sharpening Steel

Wood Handle Samurai Swords

Multi Purpose Tool

Swords Of The Immortals1

Swords Of The Immortals2

T-Type Police Baton

Kendo Bamboo Shinai

Wood Daitos

Ninja Boken

Wood Tai Chi