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Knives by Gil Hibben

Centurion GOLD Edition

Eye of Drakonus

The Griffyn-2000 Edition

The Griffin-Storage Case

The Griffyn-Pin

The Scorpion-2001 Edition

The Scorpion-Storage Case

We're sorry.

This item is no longer available.

The Scorpion-pin

The Tiger Shark-2002 Edition

The Tiger Shark-pin

We're sorry.

This item is no longer available.


Dragon Lord-1996 Edition

Dragon Lord-Stand

Dragon Lord-Pin

Cenurion - Stand

Generation2 Pro Folder

Generation2 Small Thrower-Triple Set

Generation2 Large Thrower-Triple Set

Generation2 Pro Thrower Axe

Pro Thrower Axe

Alaskan Big/Small Game Hunter Combo

Alaskan Pro Guide Hunter/w Gutting Hook

Alaskan Survival Knife

Pro Guide Hunter

Gneration2 Pro Thrower

Alaskan Small Pro Guide Hunter

Generation2 Pro Folder (gray)

Alaskan Small Game Hunter